Aoimirai Server Status

MV Updates per hour

(data past current hour are from yesterday)

Videos per last update

2019-11-17: 4105
2019-11-16: 543

Server update priority counters

Guaranteed updated daily:
  • 270 most watched
  • 360 top videos
  • 90 most recent
  • Any videos near milestones
Updated every 12 hours (included above):
  • 90 most watched
  • 90 most recent
Remaining videos (by last updated): 3420
TOTAL videos updated daily: 4140 (85% of our current library)
If secondary server is enabled: Depends on speed, from 360 to 1400 more videos, meaning we can update all videos daily.

Server status

Cron status: No errors
Main server (HTTP/HTML): ACTIVE (Slow mode/Throttled)
Youtube API updater: on (4022 updates since 0:00h)
System errors: 0
MVs updated in 24h: (Some videos are updated twice a day)

Server capabilities

Normal HTTP/HTML mode: 1 video per 1 to 5 minutes depending on speed selection (if Main server is on)
Youtube API updates: 4320 videos per day (~3 per minute)
Secondary/tertiary servers: 1 video per minute (only enabled if something is wrong with main servers)