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You can use this site two ways: To check new releases and find older ones; or to have fun watching numbers that while curious, don't mean anything. Enjoy. This site contains most Korean music, not just K-Pop
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AOI Highlight MVs
How Far I'll Go Sohyang
Paranoia Kang Daniel
Touch Shinhwa
Scandalous KEEMBO
I Need You Ovan
Regular (en) NCT 127
This is war MBLAQ
Never let you go 2AM
Pacman eaJ
I Got You The East Light
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Most Liked 10 MVs (in past 24h)
Dynamite (en) BTS
Breaking Dawn The Boyz
Tail Sunmi
Don't Call Me SHINee
Encore GOT7
All or Nothing WEi
Tail Sunmi
Don't Call Me SHINee
Breaking Dawn The Boyz
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Most Watched 10 MVs (in past 24h)
Gangnam Style PSY
Tail Sunmi
How You Like That Blackpink
Boy with luv BTS
How You Like That Blackpink
Beautiful Beautiful ONF
All or Nothing WEi
Don't Call Me SHINee
Dynamite (en) BTS
Asurabalbalta T1419
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Artist Gaon Digital Totals (list most recent available week, graph 10 weeks)
1. IU491
2. BTS282
3. Jang Beom June173
4. Blackpink163
5. Paul Kim157
6. Huh Gak127
7. Oh My Girl121
8. Lim Chang Jung118
9. Kang Daniel99
10. KyeongSeo98
11. Kwon Jungyeol94
12. Sandeul92
13. Hyuna91
14. Standing Egg83
15. (G)I-dle82
16. Kyuhyun80
17. Akmu77
18. Ben74
19. Noel69
20. Changmo68
21. JYPark67
22. Sechs kies64
23. Chung ha63
24. Ovan62
25. Jo Jung-suk61
26. IZ*ONE54
27. Mamamoo53
28. Lim Young Woong51
29. Gaho50
30. Maktub48
* - Data from Gaon Weekly Digital, which is usually released with almost 2 week delay.
Today we are at week 08

Artist Ranking Full Weekly Tables

Gaon Artist Sales (list last month, graph 6 month)
1. NCT 304.274+  
2. Treasure 294.255+  
3. BTS 213.637+  
4. (G)I-dle 159.268+  
5. U-Know (Yunho) 138.236+  
6. CRAVITY 112.301+  
7. Oneus 98.014+  
8. Dreamcatcher 91.469+  
9. Victon 89.960+  
10. Blackpink 79.949+  
11. Golden Child 74.863+  
12. Stray Kids 65.948+  
13. SuperM 63.341+  
14. AB6IX 57.982+  
15. Bobby 54.221+  
16. Seventeen 40.390+  
17. TXT 30.221+  
18. MCND 25.560+  
19. The Boyz 25.032+  
20. Enhypen 24.576+  
21. Twice 19.772+  
22. GOT7 19.725+  
23. Kai 15.317+  
24. Jeong Se-woon 14.192+  
25. T1419 13.382+  
26. Epik High 13.135+  
27. Baek Yerin 12.518+  
28. NCT 127 10.560+  
29. Cherry Bullet 7.748+  
30. Taeyeon 7.647+  
* - Data from Gaon Monthy, updated around the 10th each month
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