Full Disclaimers

Important notice on this site mission

We are mainly a top Youtube MV site. For that reason, and because we have some restrictions on how many videos we can keep updated, artists with no videos or very few views are not registered (some are registered because they sell well or show on music charts often, but these will have only their basic work uploaded). Videos with few views are registered only on the big artists. We are not completionists, we only strive to keep the top 500 Music Videos updated, and have a good library on the registered Artists. If you think even then we are missing a noteworthy artist, log-in into the site and use the Request an Artist (or Add an MV) feature, but don't feel bad if we don't add them, its for the sake of keeping the server load as small as possible, not any particular prejudice. Every time we manage to squeeze some extra power from the server we do register some more Artists.

As for the bots and data gathering

In Nov. 11th we changed our main Youtube data gather system from simple HTTP/HTML scrapping to using Google's Youtube API. That enabled us to gather up to 5.000 video statistics per day (its 10.000, but statistics counts as 2 quota uses). To guarantee we never stop gathering the important data in case this fails, the normal HTTP/HTML scrapping still happens at a very slow pace to guarantee around 400 videos a day. 

This is the priority in case the bot can't fetch all videos in a day (both API and HTTP bots follow this priority list, so if either fails, the other should guarantee part of it):

Priority Videos Comments
Videos above 40m views ~400 Daily - this means the top 400 videos are always kept updated
Videos released in the last 30 days 60~90 Daily - this means the latest videos are always kept updated
Videos with more than 150.000 views per day ~50 Daily (most of these will have been updated on the priorities above)
Videos near a milestone ~10     Daily with extra check
Remaining videos ~4000 videos

As long as it takes to update remaining videos 
Videos with less than 1 million views are updated with lower priority and can take up to a week to be updated, but that only happens if the API bot fails

Views/day and Likes/day are calculated based on the views and likes obtained from the last and current update, divided by time passed, so they are an estimate. The videos above 40m are updated roughly at the same time every day, which means this is almost exact to date, but others videos might be updated in different times depending on the priority queue and thus this estimate is necessary. Videos with 0 likes do not have likes enabled by the publisher.

Videos that have a high View/Like ratio will automatically be flagged as promoted after 5 days and monitored until they are 30 days. It takes a considerable deviation from normal behavior to trigger this flag and it will seldom be a false positive. 

Daily Graphics are maintained only by videos inside the daily priority updates: above 40m views, released on the last 30 days or with above 150.000 views/day. Other videos have the data stored but since the graphic might have holes, they might not be visible on the site.

The Charting data is obtained every day at 1:00 am KTC (+12 UTC) for the 6 charts. If any chart is not online, it tries again one hour later. The Streaming score is calculated once all chart data is obtained.

All pages are server-side cached, which means that reloading might not update its contents. The default cache time on most pages is 3 hours.

Any attempts to hack the site, browse too fast or crawl might result on your IP being temporarily (or permanently) banned. If you get a Throttled warning, you are temporarily banned (24h).